It is designed to control the operation of a boiler with automatic fuel feeding, central heating pump and domestic hot water pump in central heating systems.

Maintaining the set temperature of the boiler by controlling the blowing and operation of the feeder

Possibility to operate the boiler with an emergency grate

Smooth fan operation and adjustable power

The function of supporting the combustion process, the so-called blowing

Adjustable extinguishing time and automatic switching off of the control in the event of absence of fuel

Central heating circulation pump operation control

Possibility to enable or disable domestic hot water priority

Control of the Domestic Hot Water loading pump depending on the required temperature

Possibility of boiler operation and domestic hot water pump according to one of the several weekly programs

Option to work in SUMMER mode

COMFORT SYSTEM function, which protects the pump against limescale

Protection system – TERIK thermal fuse as additional, mechanical boiler protection against uncontrolled temperature rise

The function of protecting the installation against freezing and overheating of the boiler

Signaling of temperature sensors damage

Adjustable display brightness – increased when the settings are changed

Possibility to connect a remote control panel with an audible alarm function

Possibility to connect a room thermostat

Large, clear, alphanumeric LCD display 2 x 16 characters

Technical data MASTER 500
Measured temperature range from – 9 ⁰C to + 120 ⁰C
Temperature setting range for the boiler from + 40 ⁰C to + 85 ⁰C
Temperature setting range for the Domestic Hot Water heater from + 40 ⁰C to + 70 ⁰C
Temperature setting range for the Central Heating heater from + 30 ⁰C to + 70 ⁰C
Smooth fan start yes
Adjustable maximum fan power 40 % – 100 %
Fan hysteresis (on-off difference) od 1 ⁰C do 9 ⁰C
Dometic Hot Water pump hysteresis (on-off difference) od 2 ⁰C do 9 ⁰C
Blow-through adjustment (blow-by turn off completely) work: 0 – 90 sekund
break: 1 – 60 minut
Adjustable shutdown time of the boiler 0 – 45 minutes
Permissible load of outputs fan: 100 W, 230 V
feeder: 100 W, 230 V
c.h. pump.: 100 W, 230 V
d.h.w. pump: 100 W, 230 V
Rated supply voltage 230 V, 50 Hz
Electric protection 2,5 A
Relative air humidity < 95%
Casing protection class IP 20
Ambient temperature from 0⁰C to + 40⁰C