Working modes: party, vacation, airing, permanent, eco


– „learning” function – automatic saving of settings without the need to program the controller
– 9 time ranges a day with any temperature
– up to 63 different settings per week
– advance – switching on the heating earlier to reach the set temperature at the desired time
– possibility to choose to work with two sensors (floor temperature limitation)
– intuitive temperature setting with a knob
– blocking the regulator completely or partially with any 4-digit PIN code
– automatic selection of controller operating parameters depending on the elements and type of installation
– memory of all settings and ranges independent of power failure
– switching between heating and cooling with saving settings for both functions
– simultaneous display of temperatures on the screen: current and desired
– automatic or manual stopping of heating during airing the room
– quick test of correct connection of the regulator
– a number of useful functions: automatic changeover to summer and winter time, heating off after the heating season, adjustable anti-freeze temperature

Surface-mounted, wireless (dedicated to the ET6RX module)

Controlled device heating / air conditioning systems
Supply voltage 3 V – 2 AA alkaline batteries
Maximum load 5 A 230 V 50 Hz
Regulator output relay, voltage free, SPDT (changeover)
Temperature measuring range od -10°C do +80°C
Temperature control range internal sensor +5°C to +35°C
sensor on the cable -9,9°C to +79,9°C
Floor temperature limitation from +5°C to +45°C
Temperature control accuracy 0,1°C
Accuracy of temperature indications 0,1°C
Visual signaling backlit LCD display with text field
Working temperature from +5°C to +45°C
Storage temperature from 0°C to +65°C
Hysteresis range from 0,1°C to 5°C
Level of security IP 20, II protection class
Colour white
Mounting method wall-mounting, expansion pins
Weight 115 g
Standards, approvals, certificates compliance with directives EMC, LVD, RoHS
Warranty period 2 years
Dimensions (width/height/depth) mm 82/82/35,6
Regulator equipment Euroster Q7TXT6 regulator, mounting template, expansion pins, manual, batteries. Warning! Floor sensor with connector is not included, please order separately.